June Blog – Checklist and Training

End of Year Checklist

By Ashby Crutchfield

June 2018

We have been hard at work so you have even more time to soak up the sun this summer!

What is the End of Year Checklist?

This is a "clean-up wizard" that will walk you through various pages of the software that will need your attention to ensure you properly close out the school year and start getting ready for the new year. This means exporting reports, promoting and graduating students, resetting data and replicating events and/or products.

How do you access The End of Year Checklist?

This will be starting June 15th. Just log in with your admin account and you will see the checklist banner at the very bottom of the page. Click the button in that banner to get started.

Check it out! Get a sneak peek by viewing our help article that will walk you through this checklist.