Directory Creation

Create your organization’s directory with ease!
The perfect solution if your organization is going green or looking to streamline your existing print directory process.

Import Contacts

We can import your contacts to your site and straight into your directory. Our software can handle multi-household families, siblings with different last names, and any other directory exceptions.

Incoming Families

Our easy import process enables you to add new students to the database while cross-referencing to prevent families from being duplicated in the database. New parents can also register and add themselves to the database.

Contact Verification

Contacts can be prompted to review and update their information each year.

Privacy Control

Contacts have full control of which information, if any, they want to publish in the directory and can update anytime. Admins control who is included in the directory and who can view it.

Security and Privacy

Have peace of mind knowing your organization’s data is safe and secure. The content of your database is your data, and each group will have complete control of their information using this password protected software for their users. We will never sell, share, or rent your data.

Security and Privacy

Have peace of mind knowing your organization’s data is safe and secure. The content of your database is your data, and each group will have complete control of their information using this password protected software for their users. We will never sell, share, or rent your data.

Self-Serve PDF and Directory Reports

Download and send to the printer to print your directory with ease. Multiple customizable formats for both Student Listing and Class Rosters are available.

Graduate & Promote

Deactivate alumni and move the remaining students up to the next grade level.

Reset Data for the New Year

Clear out memberships, teacher assignments, parent verification, and other custom fields with the click of a button.

Custom Fields

Track all types of data for your families using custom created fields for things like team, sport, instrument, club, block, etc.

Free Mobile App

Families can easily download the free app to access your secure directory from Google Play or the App Store.

Mobile App Directory

It’s a cinch for contacts to reach out to others in your organization by selecting a phone number to text or dial, an address to map, or an email address to prompt writing one.

Purchases or Sign Up on the Go

Any features enabled -- including your store, volunteer signups, community boards, and more – will be accessible from the app.

Customizable Welcome Screen

Upload your logo, set the colors of your organization, and voilà! When members use the mobile app they see your organization in all its glory.

Push Notifications

Send quick reminders and announcements to your group. Subscribers can choose to get the notification through the mobile app and/or email.

Switch Between Organizations

Users who belong to multiple organizations on the AtoZ Connect or Membership Toolkit platforms can access and switch between their groups from within the app with a few quick taps.

Group Communication

Send email messages to everyone at once or pick specific groups.
You can even access the communication tools from your phone. AtoZ Connect gives you true constant contact!

Targeted Communication Lists

We make it easy to communicate— without over-communicating! You can create smart lists or manually build lists of your own. Send emails to certain groups or to everyone. Want to remind just the people that haven’t yet donated or purchased a ticket for an upcoming event? We make that easy to do so you target exactly the right people!

Communication Analytics

Know for sure who is receiving -- and more importantly, reading -- your newsletters and emails! Our statistics tell you how many were sent, opened, and clicked on. Our analytics provide all the delivery data and help you identify bounced/invalid emails.

Choose the Style and Format You Need

Create beautifully branded newsletter-style communications or draft a quick email-style message depending on your needs. Templates and tools are provided. Just brand them with your logo, colors, calendar, and content design. Save it as a template to make weekly/monthly communication easy. Add macro fields, upload images, and attach files to create a truly customized and visually appealing message. All newsletters and emails can be scheduled to send on the exact date and time you need them to be.

Volunteer Management

Create signups and allow users to add themselves right from a browser or the app!
Track and generate reports of volunteer hours for your families.

Quick Sign-Up

Simple volunteer signup creation for dances, bingo night, book fairs, and more. Easily design signups for recurring events, committee signups, time slots, items, and just about anything else you need.

Assign Volunteers

It’s genius! Update and assign users to the jobs created for events or allow users to sign up themselves.

Integrated with SignUpGenius

Used to using SignUpGenius? Forms can be linked to your AtoZ Connect site, keeping all volunteer signups in one place.

View & Track Volunteer Hours or Points

View, track, and run reports to manage volunteer hours. Assign points to various opportunities as well.

Unlimited Signups— with Lots of Options

Create as many signups as you need. Decide how volunteer slots present: list format, calendar format, or days and times for shifts. Choose who sees the signup—everyone in your database or just one group.

Send Reminders and Thank Yous Automatically

Volunteers can automatically receive an email confirming their volunteer selections. You can also send reminders automatically one or more days before their shift– using “tickler” emails. After the shift, automatically send a thank you note.

Manage Your Volunteers with Ease

Admins can reach out to one or all contacts who expressed interest in a matter of seconds. Run reports per form or across all signups to analyze your participation.

Membership & Sales Tracking

Collect membership dues online and generate membership reports for state organizations and your treasurer.

Manage PTA/PTO/HSA/HOA Membership

Collecting membership dues has never been easier! Create membership products so your families and staff can pay for their dues within the software. Easily send out communications based on membership status.

Directory Access for Members Only

Restrict directory access based on membership if desired. Create membership products to extend access automatically, or update access en masse based on membership status.

Real-Time Status & Sales Reports

Member status instantly updates once a payment is processed. Generate and export sales reports for all products.


Families can pay for membership dues, donations, school supplies, fees, tickets, and so much more in the site or in the app!

Integrated with LumaPay (powered by Stripe)

Seamless integration to your group’s LumaPay (Stripe) account. No extra fees added, and funds are available on the schedule of your choosing. No more check writing or depositing and no account required for your families!

Unlimited Products

Create as many products you need. Membership, donations, tickets, spirit wear, activity fees, school supplies, and more!

Unlimited Stores

Group your products in themed stores. Limit access to stores based on membership, contact type, grade level, etc. Customize your receipts to include time-saving details: your EIN for donations, contact info for apparel sales, thank you messages, and more.

Customized Purchases

Selling an apparel product? Allow users to select options like size or color. Add data fields for them to specify things like personalization. Add student selection to the item so you will also be able to deliver the item to the right student. Add post purchase actions to update custom fields in the contact records to track your donors in the directory as well.

Manage Your Inventory

Have a limited number of shirts to sell? No problem! Inventory is automatically updated as items are sold and manually update inventory for offline sales. Quick-look reports allow you to stay on top of the details.

Track Delivery of Physical Items

Easily track which items have been delivered. Quickly view important details such as purchase method and where each item should be delivered.

Community Boards

Need to facilitate one way communication with a specific group of people? Our Community Board feature will give you the power.

Create Engagement Among Smaller Groups

Allow Room Parents, Block Captains, Team Parents, Band Chaperones, or other affinity group leaders to post/send messages to a smaller group you define from within your contact database. No more paper flyers!

Communication Ability without Dashboard Access

Community Board posts can be made by group leaders without needing Administrative Dashboard access. You control who has that ability for each board.

True Group Privacy

Only families whose contact records meet the criteria for inclusion in the group will be able to see the posts.

Control How Group Members Are Notified

Choose whether posts create email notifications or only appear in a digest on the board for families to access at their leisure.

Home Page Customization

Welcome families to your site with an attractive, mobile friendly home page that you can customize.

Showcase Your Brand

Customize the menu, logo, background color. Add photos, graphics, and links to other resources. Our easy editing tools require no technical experience (seriously!).

Design With Confidence

Resources for admins include access to ready-made graphics, help articles, how-to videos and customer support professionals to answer any question they have.

Unlimited File Storage

We provide a “File Cabinet” for you to store and organize as many graphics and documents as you can upload to use for your account. This makes it easy for all admins to access graphics and documents in one place for the home page, newsletters, volunteer forms, store, etc.

Peer Fundraising

Thinking of hosting a personalized fundraiser but don’t want to pay high fees to an outside company?
Enable participants to collect donations through individual pages – which is known to raise more funds – and you keep up to 93% of what you bring in!

Pick Any Type of Fundraiser

Choose an event that excites your group and go for it! Popular events include fun runs, color runs, read-a-thons, walk-a-thons, scrimmages, battle of the bands, dance-a-thons . . . the options are endless.

Create a Stylish, Easy to Use Page

Personalize a fundraiser home page for the group and then let your users take it one step further to make their page their own! Custom graphics help make it look professional.

Ready to Launch in Minutes

Administrators can jump right in; set a goal, craft a message, and invite fans, friends, and neighbors to check it out and donate! Access checklists, consult help articles, and ask our customer support team questions to simplify the setup.

Keep More of What You Raise

No more paying 40-60% to a fundraising group. You keep nearly 93% of the funds you raise. Five percent of each donation is collected to cover the costs of the fundraising tools (with a cap of $1,500 for fees). If a credit card is used in the transaction, the usual payment processor rates apply.

Personalize the Campaign

For Administrators

  • Personalize your donation campaign with our preloaded graphics, page backgrounds, and buttons. You choose the colors too.

For Each Participant

  • Participants receive their very own page to customize. They can upload a picture, write a note to future donors, and set a personal goal.
  • We make it fast and easy to invite family and friends to give. The participant inputs the email addresses of friends and family and then easily sends a personalized note to potential donors. They’ll then be alerted when someone makes a donation!

Compete to Raise More

Gain momentum in your Fundraising Campaign through friendly competition. Use our leaderboards to allow classes, teams, and groups to compete against each other for bragging rights or actual prizes.

Professional Help Available

Want an “above and beyond” level of service? Our fundraising experts can take care of some or all of the setup from start to finish . . . just ask for a quote.

Customer Support

We offer an unparalleled level of support. Just ask our customers!

Launch with Confidence and Success

Our goal is to ensure your organization launches successfully. Every new subscription includes a “getting started” package at no additional cost!

  • New customers receive a one-on-one onboarding web conference. We will help prioritize your setup, answer questions, and set up as much as we can during this time. For any remainder tasks, we will send you a list with help articles to assist.
  • Administrators can submit a ticket to our Customer Support Team or access our Knowledge Base which is loaded with “how to” articles, videos, webinars, checklists, and graphics.

Easier Board Transitions

Boards are constantly changing. We make the transition easy to ensure your organization doesn’t lose momentum. Free yearly transition tools are provided with every plan.

Professional Services

Want a personalized transition or extended training experience? Our team offers paid sessions on everything from new board training to personalized one-on-one work sessions. Simply submit a help desk ticket and we will get it set up.

Keep on Succeeding

We are constantly updating and expanding our resources. New webinars, how-to’s, downloadable graphics, and best practices ensure you always have the tools you need to do the job. Monthly newsletters keep you up-to-date and spotlight our clever customers! Our support team is made up of experienced volunteers who, just like you, have also implemented AtoZ Connect and Membership Toolkit in their schools and communities.

Need More Help?

When you need an extra hand, think of our Customer Support team as your extended board. Simply submit a help desk ticket and we’ll give you a quote. You can hire our team to:

  • Set up products and stores
  • Design your home page and mobile app welcome screen
  • Transfer content and graphics from an old website
  • Manage a fundraiser or event

User Privacy

Have peace of mind knowing your data is safe and secure. We will never sell or share your information.


The content of your database is your data and each parent group will have complete control of their information using this password protected software for their users.

Safe & Secure

School data is encrypted and protected using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). AtoZ Connect uses a SHA256+RSA secure connection (2048 bit encryption) and TLS 1.2.

All these great features for only $300 per year!

Free Training & Support​

99.98% uptime the last 12 months​

Serious about Security & Privacy​