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Group training is available July through November. Email to schedule a One-on-One training when group training is not available.

Featured Classes

Getting started with atoz

This class will focus on the AtoZ software and the main features that are offered. This training is ideal for schools that are new to AtoZ or returning schools where the previous directory chair did not provide you any guidance on how to use the software.

PEX Transition- Email Training

This class is for anyone who is transitioning from the old PEX software. We will walk you through emailing from start to finish.

Managing Events and Volunteer Hours

This training is perfect for Volunteer Manager schools transitioning to AtoZ software or for any school that wants to use our new event management and/or volunteer hour tracking functionality.

Mass Emailing

This training will primarily focus on emailing and the many new features that are now available.  This training is ideal for PEX schools that are now using the AtoZ software.

Tracking membership and selling items in the AtoZ store

Learn the best ways to track membership with our membership products and get a few helpful tips on making the most of your online store.

Back to School Basics

This training will help your school prepare for the new school year.  We will walk you through the important items to check before asking your parents to start verifying their data.

A-Z Overview Training - In Office

This training is a more in depth and face to face training located in our Rockville, MD office. We’ll spend about 2 hours diving into a complete overview of the A-Z software.

How To Videos

Check back regularly for more how to videos! Additional information can always be found in our Support Portal


Get a quick overview and tips on using your dashboard.

People - Families

Get familiar with the Families section of the software.

People - Households

Get familiar with the Households section of the software.

People - Parents

Get familiar with the Parents section of the software.

People - Students

Get familiar with the Students section of the software.

People - Teachers & Staff

Get familiar with the Teacher & Staff section of the software.

People - App Admins

Learn how to create, edit and manage your App Admins.

People - Join Requests

Learn how to properly manage your Join Requests.

Communication - Email

Get an in depth look on how to send email like a champion.

Communication - Subscription & Mailing Lists

Learn the difference between Mailing and Subscription lists and how to use them.

Signups - Events

Be on your way to creating and managing events.

Signups - Volunteer Hours & Approvals

Become an expert at managing, tracking and approving volunteer hours.

Calendar & Lunch Menu

Everything you need to know about the calendar section.

Store - Products & Categories

Learn to create, edit and manage your online store products and categories.

Store - Orders & Order Details

Overview of the Orders & Order Details section.

School Settings - Setup

Learn how to properly setup and manage your school settings.

School Settings - Roles & Organizations

Getting started with Roles and Organizations.

School Settings - Grades & Promotions

Overview on how to setup and manage grades.

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