Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising Opportunities​

Connect with our rapidly growing digital audience. Users depend on AtoZ Connect to easily access information and communicate securely and efficiently with members of their community. We offer businesses a unique way to reach targeted communities and parents of school-age children.

Directory Advertising

Our Directory Software provides families with secure access to their school and community communications all in one place. Families can access their directory via computer or mobile device. Sponsor ads available nationwide.

Title Sponsor

Banner ad displayed at the top of every page as users navigate the software.

Directory Sponsor

Ads displayed on the Directory page of Website and Landing page of Mobile App.

Footer Sponsor

Ads displayed on Directory Website and Mobile App.

Email Sponsorship

Customizable email templates are accessible via our directory software, allowing PTAs/PTOs and HOAs a fast and easy way to communicate with parents and families. Your banner ad will be prominently displayed in these emails.

Dedicated Email​

Need to reach parents during a specific time of year to share a special program or offering with them?

It's all about you - 100% SOV! Email is delivered to an exclusive list of subscribers, parents of school-age children residing in the DC Metro Area.

Digital Activity Guides

Our Digital Activity Guides provide parents helpful resources available throughout the area. The guides are emailed to DC Metro parents as well as distributed throughout the year via our School Directory App and PTA emails.

Feature your business in our digital activity guides and connect with our engaged parents looking for the best for their families.

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