July Blog – Training

Software Training

By Ashby Crutchfield

July 2018

The training schedule is now available for the 2018/2019 school year. So check out all of the different training sessions available for FREE. Below are some of our most popular and recommended training sessions.

Getting Started

This class will focus on the AtoZ software and the main features that are offered. This training is ideal for schools that are new to AtoZ or returning schools where the previous directory chair did not provide you any guidance on how to use the software.

Back To School Basics

This training will help your school prepare for the new school year. We will walk you through the important items to check before asking your parents to start verifying their data.

Mass Emailing

This training will primarily focus on emailing and the many new features that are now available including Mailing and Subscription Lists.

You can always view the full list of training and videos by clicking on the link below to our training schedule page