May Blog – EPI School Supplies

Order School Supplies in the app

By Ashby Crutchfield

May 2018

AtoZ Connect has partnered with EPI (Educational Products Inc.) so parents can order school supplies right from the app!

Who is EPI?

EPI is the nation's largest and most trusted source for school supply packs with over 30 years of experience and high-level service. EPI does the hard work for parents and you are the hero for providing parents with this easy and convenient service.

Does your school already work with EPI?

No problem. Just let us know you already have an account set up with EPI and we will integrate with our software and get you started right away and help you increase your school supply sales!

How to Get Started

If you don't have an account with EPI and/or AtoZ, contact us so we can set up your accounts.

Check out more information on EPI by visiting their website at